HY492C Roving Frame, developed by Hong Yuan, is controlled by computer and driven by invert. It is a new type machine featuring simple structure, high-level electromechanical integration, easy operation, high production efficiency, convenient maintenance, and more reliable property. It is suitable for carded and combed cotton sliver or blends, and is the best choice to make outstanding quality yarn.

Main characteristics
High-level electromechanical integration, and simple structure The conventional machine element such as cone gearing, builder motion, head driven gearbox and reversing gearbox are replaced by 4 separate electrical drives for the rollers, the flyers, bobbins and bobbin rail. A high-accuracy follow control system composed of computer and inverter can restrain yarn faults effectively at the start and the stop of the machine. The roving bobbin building and optimal roving tension are guaranteed. The electrical cabinet and the frame head are independently controlled. This design allows more convenient operation. Advanced control technology, and accessible operation panel. The motors are controlled by PLC and inverter asynchronously to drive the roving building. The design of creep start, jog and speed adjustment allows stable running and mechanical disturb resistance. For bigger package, the inverter is controlled by the computer to reduce speed stepless in order to reduce break rate and meet the requirement of roving technology. Input and display is via a touch screen. Thus various parameters can easily be set, modified and displayed on the screen. The production data of various specifications can be saved and can be recalled at any time.

Main Technical Data: